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Sphax Texturepack

hacks Xray

hacks are outdated working on this !

NEW Minecraft Gift code give-away!

Awesome !! we are going to give away a gift code !
because of the succes of this site! tell it to all your friends and so on.
So what do you need to do ? well its simple just like our youtube page .
On 30 june  we will chose the winner !
how do i get more chance to win ? register at the site and post on the forum.

NEW accounts !!! hell yeah !

it worked ! it finaly worked !

well there is good news for you all guys there are new accounts ! 

i'm posting to day the first 6 new accounts and there will folow lots more , i've right now arounf the 25 woring accounts but i like to keep them as a reserve when problems arives .

enjoy your playing !